Fall 2016 Schedule for Livewell Courses

The LiveWell with Chronic Conditions and LiveWell with Chronic Pain are FREE community based programs offered by the RQHR Health Promotion Department. These workshops cover content that is common among people with different health challenges and is beneficial for anyone with one or more chronic conditions or pain, as well as caregivers or support people.

Examples of topics reviewed in this program include:

    • –  Problem solving, goal setting, action plans;
    • –  Exercise (strength, flexibility, endurance);
    • –  Dealing with the negative emotions of chronic illness (ex. depression, anxiety);
    • –  Healthy eating and weight management;
    • –  Fatigue and symptom management (dealing with issues such as: frustration, isolation, poor sleep);
    • –  Self-management and relaxation techniques;
    • –  Use of medications
    • –  Effective communication strategies with loved ones and health professionals

All participants receive a free copy of the Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions or the Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain reference manual. If they attend a Chronic Pain workshop, they also receive the Moving Easy Program CD.Workshops are run over six weeks, where a group 10-16 people meets once a week for 2 1⁄2 hours and covers a range of tools and strategies to enhance self-efficacy such as weekly action planning, modeling of behaviors and problem solving by participants. Two trained peer leaders co-lead the workshop and usually have a chronic condition(s) themselves so can lead from experience. Workshops are fun and interactive and build the participants confidence in managing their chronic health condition and/or chronic pain. The LiveWell workshop was developed by Stanford University and is used in over 20 countries. It has been proven to help improve the health of people with chronic conditions.

Health Promotion has developed a referral form for our LiveWell programs and our Forever…in motion program which is available on the RQHR webpage at www.rqhealth.ca/livewell, along with more information and a list of upcoming workshops. Referrals can be made by self, family member, or health care professionals. Participants must be willing and able to participant in a group environment and set goals.

  • Both Livewell with Chronic Conditions and Livewell with Chronic Pain workshops are offered in our region on a regular basis. To register, please call 306-766-7370 or fax referral to 306-766-7489.  See the attached flyer below for more information:


RQHR Fall 2016 Livewell Flyer

Silent Hears Perinatal Loss Awareness Walk & Run – Saturday, October 1 2016 @ 2PM

Silent Hearts Perinatal Loss Awareness Walk & Run is for families and the community to come together to raise awareness about infant loss, but also for remembrance. Money raised at this event is put back into our community with purchases of valuable resources for a lending library, counselling, care packages, hospital equipment and much more.

The event has had nearly 500 participants in each race. This year, its fourth year, the hope is to reach even more people and have even more participation!  To register, please visit www.runningroom.com.

Clink on the image below for a full size version of the poster.


2016 PVCA Fall Programs – Archived

Prairie View Fall 2016 Programs     pvca@sasktel.net

The registration for Prairie View and Citywide programs runs Tuesday, Sept 13th, 2016, from 6:30-8:00 p.m. at McLurg School, 125 Paynter Cres.

PrairieView Community Programs for Fall 2016 


Mondays – Stars Sept 19th –  6:15  pm – 7:15 pm   McLurg School Gym
10 sessions – Cost $45.00     Instructor: Kerri Kirk

Dance cardio at its finest.  Zoom off those extra calories.  Low impact fitness to great music. You won’t believe how fast the hour flies by.


Sundays – Starts Sept 25th –  6 pm – 7 pm     McLurg School Mini-Gym
10 sessions – Cost $35.00   Instructor:  Lee Ubell

A gentle stretch class and mat work for all fitness levels.  A great way to end off a busy week.  Bring your own mat.


Mondays – Starts Sept 19th –   7:30 pm—8:30 pm   McLurg School Mini-Gym
9 sessions – Cost $40.00   Instructor: Helen

For beginner to intermediate, Stott Pilates combined with Level 1 Yogafit exercises.  The class focuses on core strength, spine, shoulder and hip mobility, flexibility and strength.  Bring a yoga mat and blanket if possible.


Wednesdays   – Starts Sept 21st –  6:60pm – 7:30pm – McLurg School Gym
10 session    Cost:  $40.00     Instructor:  Naomi

HoopPlay is great for the core and is also a whole body workout.  Even if you have never been able to hula hoop before, our method ensures your ability to hoop.  It is low impact and safe for all fitness levels.  Hoops are provided.


Thursdays  –  Starts Sept 24th –  7:30 pm – 8:30 pm –  McLurg School Gym
10 sessions  – Cost $35.00       Instructor:  Lee Ubell

A very doable and exciting class that lets you work at your own pace, instructor gives you variations of the exercise to maximize your workout without hurting yourself.  Muscle toning with weights and cardio in a format that will keep you coming back every week.


Wednesdays – Starts Sept 28th – 7 pm – 8 pm –  McLurg School Mini-Gym
6 sessions  – Cost $40.00        Instructor: Joyce Ward

Offering a weight management program in a support, safe environment where discussions and group hypnosis will be used to assist with your weight management goals.  We will explore your relationship with food and the underlying issues causing weight difficulties.  No calorie counting, forbidden foods, strict regimes, or complicated plans, just a new healthy relations with food, appreciation for yourself, and steps to a healthy lifestyle.   Space is limited to 12 people.


Saturdays  –  Start Sept 17th  (No class  Nov. 19th) – 10:45 am – 11:45 am  –   McLurg School Gym
12 sessions  – Cost $50.00   Instructor: Lesley Farley

Have you already taken some yoga classes and are ready for a greater physical challenge?  Emphasis is on flowing through postures with sounded breath, stability and body awareness.  Vinyasa yoga is a great workout for the body, mind and spirit.


FLOOR HOCKEY (Ages 12 – 15 yrs)

Mondays  –  Starting Sept 19  **No class on Oct. 10
10 sessions  –  Cost: $30.00    7:15 pm – 8:15 pm    McLurg School Gym

Come out and have some good clean fun.  MUST bring in clean, non-marking indoor runners to be worn in the gym.  No outside sticks, equipment will be provided.

SHINTANI WADO KAI KARATE – Just for Kicks (4-7 yrs)  

Tuesday – Starts Sept. 20 –   6:30 pm — 7:00 pm     McLurg School Gym
12 sessions  –   Cost:   $70.00          Instructor:  Ryan MacDonald

SHINTANI WADO KAI KARATE – Beginners/Family Class (8 + yrs)

Tuesday – Starts Sept. 20 –   7:00 pm — 8:00 pm       McLurg School Gym
12 sessions  – Cost:  $135.00/person    $250.00/family    Instructor:  Ryan MacDonald


Tuesday – Starts Sept. 20 –   8:00 pm — 9:00 pm     McLurg School Gym
$135.00/person/session    $250.00/family/session     Instructor:  Ryan MacDonald

Interested in having fun and learning self defense?  Curious about martial arts?  Improve your self-confidence and get into better physical shape while learning Karate.  No experience is necessary (for beginner classes)

For more information on this class contact Ryan at 306-530-6905

  •  Reminder that tax receipts are issued for children’s programs!!

©2016 Prairie Valley Community Association

Regina Bridge Club: Come Out and Play! – Introductory Coffee Party @ 10 AM Saturday, September 10

judy with lettering

The Regina Bridge Club welcomes you to learn or improve your bridge game with games 5-6 days weekly. Afternoon games begin at 1:00 p.m.; evening games at 7:00 p.m., and a morning game Wednesdays at 10:30 AM.  More information is available by calling 306-584- 1858 or checking our website:  www.reginabridge.com.

Why play Bridge?  You will meet new people of all ages and from all walks of life while exercising your mind in a fun atmosphere.  Beginning on September 12, there will be lessons Monday evenings at 6:30 PM for beginners and people who have played a few times. For lesson information, call 306-586-7044 or email gspence@accesscomm.ca.

You are welcome to attend our coffee party on Saturday, September 10 at 10 AM at 349 Albert Street.  Come and see what we have to offer!

Regina Community Basketball Association Fall/Winter Registrations begin on August 1st


Are your kids looking to try something new?

The Regina Community Basketball Association (RCBA) is open to boys and girls from grades Kindergarten to grade 12. The RCBA’s mission values are “Fun, Fair Play, and Development” which means all skill levels are welcome at any age!  Our registration begins on August 1st, 2016, please visit www.rcba.ca for more information.


A Message From RPS: Kids and Pets in Hot Cars

RPS Social

The Regina Police Service would like to remind the public that the temperatures are rising, which means vehicles heat up quickly. If you must make stops in your daily travels, please, take your small children indoors with you; don’t leave them in the car.  If you have pets, it’s best to leave them at home.  Your small children may not be able to open windows/doors to cool themselves, and pets are always wearing fur coats, so don’t take chances with their safety.

As a bystander:  if you see a child in a car who appears to be in distress (limp/listless, sweating profusely) then please call 9-1-1. Keep calm and do not break the window (unless you are specifically instructed by the operator or an officer).  If you see a pet in a hot vehicle that appears to be in distress (limp/listless, foaming at the mouth) then please call the Animal Protection line (in Regina) at 306-777-7700. (If the vehicle is on/running, there may be air conditioning going for the pup and it is likely not in distress.)

Breaking someone’s vehicle window could result in a charge of Mischief, which is a Criminal Code charge.  It may also result in having to attend small claims court and being ordered to pay for the damages.

In both scenarios, please follow the operator’s instructions and wait for emergency services to get there. If you are with someone, have them run into the nearest establishment and give the manager or staff the vehicle make, colour, and plate number and ask them to make an announcement on the business’ public address system.

The Regina Police Service would like to thank the public’s cooperation with these calls. Help us make this summer a less stressful one for all.

Kids and Pets

21st Annual Gutsy Walk – June 5th Regina 2016 – Rick Hansen Park

Gutsy Walk 2016

21st Annual Gutsy Walk to raise funds for Crohn’s and Colitis Canada, June 5th 2016 Location:  Regina – Rick Hansen Park

Abdominal cramping, diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, fever, anemia, bleeding, and fatigue are some of the debilitating symptoms experienced by people living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

On Sunday, June 5th, 2016, Regina residents will join Canadians from coast to coast in an effort to find a cure for these inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). Every dollar raised through the 21st Annual Gutsy Walk will go towards Crohn’s and Colitis Canada’s Make it Stop. For Life national campaign. The goal of the campaign is to raise $100 million for research, education, advocacy and patient support so that children and adults with IBD can live with less pain, less shame, and fewer hospital visits and surgeries.

Gutsy Walk events will be held in six Saskatchewan communities, including Regina. The Regina Gutsy Walk will start at 12:00 p.m. at Rick Hansen Park (registration begins at 10 a.m. with warm up at 11:45 a.m.) for a 5 km walk.  The family-friendly event will include a BBQ and children’s entertainment. Registration is free.

Regina’s Honorary Chair this year is Dylan, age 15. “My journey with this disease started when I was 9 years old, with a diagnosis of colitis. Over the years my health got progressively worse and I was sent out to the Alberta Children’s Hospital. In 2014, I was not doing well and I could not hold down any food. I was in extreme pain and each day was a struggle for me to get out of bed. Several trips to Calgary that year showed that I have narrowings in my intestines and it didn’t stop. By the end of 2014, a feeding tube was inserted into my nose and I felt like I had lost control of the disease.

December 18 2014 in Calgary, they removed 28cm of my small intestine, the bottom section of my colon, my illeocecal valve and my appendix. It was over a year ago that I got my surgery and I can now participate in my life again! Don’t get me wrong I still have to sit on an IV every 7 weeks and try to remember to take all my other pills but I’m doing ok. On June 5th I invite you to come out with me and support people living with this disease!”

For more information about Gutsy Walk, or to register, visit www.gutsywalk.ca.