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Prairie View Snow Angels FAQs

Winter 2023/24

What is the Snow Angels program?

The City of Regina Snow Angels Community Grant funds volunteer-driven residential snow removal programs across several communities. The programs funded through this grant target households where one or more members experience barrier to shoveling snow from their property and who would not otherwise be able to access snow removal services.


Do all Snow Angel programs operate the same?

Many of Regina’s community associations are operating Snow Angels programs this winter. Each association operates their own programs based on their community’s needs and demands. While sharing the same philosophies and principles, the operation of the program varies from each association.


How does someone apply for shoveling assistance?

Homeowners who require assistance with shoveling submit a request to their respective community associations. The Snow Angels facilitator for that association screens the applicant to ensure they meet the criteria that is outlined by the City of Regina.  Applications are open for the duration of the program, and the number of accepted applicants can fluctuate throughout the season based on circumstances or need.


What are the boundaries for Prairie View?

Each community association is zoned by the City of Regina.  Prairie View borders the areas west of the train tracks (Sherwood Drive) and north of the train tracks (Dorothy Street).  It includes the neighbourhoods of Fairways West, Westhill, and Edgewater.  Residents must live within these areas to be considered for snow assistance with the Prairie View Snow Angels Program. If residents live outside these boundaries, they need to check with their community association to see if it is offered in their area.


How long does the Snow Angels program run for?

The program runs October 1, 2023 until March 31, 2024.


What do Snow Angels actually do?

Snow Angels are volunteers who agree to commit to assisting community residents with the removal of their snow throughout the winter months. This may include shoveling their city sidewalks, walkways, doorsteps, and driveways. The expectation is that a Snow Angel completes their assignments within 48 hours of a snow event (this could include a light snow fall, blizzard, or freezing rain).  Shoveling does not have to be during a specific time during the day – whatever time works best for our volunteers!


As a volunteer, how do I know which houses need shoveling?

Once you have signed on as a Snow Angel, our facilitator will pair you with community residents that require assistance. Typically, your assigned house/houses will remain the same throughout the season. The facilitator does their best to logistically match you with homes that are closest to your own residence.


What supplies do volunteer Snow Angels need to complete

All supplies required to do the job are provided to our volunteers.  This includes shovels, ice melter/sand, and ice picks. The facilitator will work with each volunteer to determine the best way to get the supplies to you.  Because the assignments will be done in the winter months, volunteers will need to ensure they are dressed for the elements. This may include a winter jacket, ski pants, snow boots, toque, mitts/gloves, and scarf. If a volunteer is in need of any outdoor clothing for their assignments, please speak to the facilitator.


How do I know if I need to be sent out on assignment?

Your facilitator will let you know when the Snow Angels are needed. This can be done via text, email, or phone call. You can expect to be sent out after a snow event, and the facilitator will give you as much notice as possible.


What if I run into a problem while on assignment?

Your facilitator will provide a direct phone number that you can call or text if you run into any problems at any time during your assignment.


What if I can’t make the assignment within the 48 hour timeline?

We understand life happens. If you know ahead of time that you are unavailable during specific dates, let your facilitator know so they can mark you as “not available”. If something sudden arises within this timeframe (such as illness), let your facilitator know as soon as possible, so they can attempt to find a replacement for your assignments. We never want our volunteers to feel trapped, and understand situations will arise.


What if I can’t commit to the full season, but would be available for a few weeks or months throughout winter?

We welcome all volunteers, even if they have limited availability.  Please reach out to your program facilitator to discuss the various options we can accommodate.


I don’t live in Prairie View. Can I still be a volunteer Snow Angel?

Yes! Our volunteers do not need to live in the Prairie View boundaries to be a Snow Angel, (but they do need to live within the Prairie View community to apply for snow assistance).

Are there age restrictions on being a Snow Angel?

We encourage anyone who is interested in volunteering to reach out.  We do require those younger then 14 years be supervised by an adult during assignments.

Do Snow Angels get paid?

Snow Angels are volunteers that the program tremendously relies on. Without volunteer shovelers, the program would not be viable. In recognition and appreciation of our volunteers, there are some forms of honorariums available.  Group Honorariums: Provided to groups, clubs, or other approved organizations that commit to the program. Groups can apply for a specific month, and will be granted on a first come basis. Honorariums for groups will be $150.00/month, and cheques will be payable to the organization at the end of their commitment.

Individual Honorariums: Provided to individual volunteers. Honorariums for individuals will be provided in the form of a monthly draw for a gift card, valued at $50.00. Volunteers will have their names entered for every assignment they complete within the month.


Do you provide reference letters?

Volunteering is an excellent way to build your resume and scholarship applications. A letter of recommendation or reference letter can be provided to individuals who volunteer with the Prairie View Snow Angel program. Speak with the program facilitator if you are requesting a letter.


I want to apply to be a volunteer Snow Angel shoveler. How do I do

Snow Angels are always looking for volunteers within their communities! Reach out to the program facilitator (each participating community association has their own), and they will forward you an application form, along with some other valuable information.

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