Local advertisers have had excellent results in spending their advertising dollars in our community newsletter.

Distribution of Print Editions:
Fall:  Almost 3,000 copies delivered door to door by volunteers in Normanview West, Westhill, Fairways West and Edgewater

Winter:  Over 600 copies distributed to students (youngest in family) at McLurg and St. Jospahat schools.

Fall 2021 Rates Coming Soon!

1/8 Page (Business Card size) – TBD
1/4 Page – TBD
1/2 Page – TBD
1 Page – TBD

If you’re interested in purchasing ad space for Winter 2019, please contact us at

*Payment includes a space on our Advertising section of this site that is good until the release of the next print edition of the newsletter

Deadlines for Submissions:

January issue – November 30th
April Issue (internet only) – March 15th
September issue – July 31st


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