All City of Regina Play Structures and Dog Parks Closed

From the City of Regina on March 24.  Effective immediately, City-owned playground structures are now closed until further notice. Dog parks, skateboard parks, picnic sites, and basketball, tennis and pickleball courts will also be closed.

This decision follows Public Health Official guidelines to avoid contact with shared surfaces such as playground equipment. Crews will be working over the next few days to close off the 165 City playground structures throughout Regina; however, we ask residents to stop using these facilities immediately.

Regina Globe Walk 2020

Regina Globe Walk 2020!

Stay active this winter and be part of the adventure! This year we plan to walk the Wonders of the World.

– For teams(any size) or individuals 50+
– Runs Jan.-Apr 2020
-all physical activity counts not just walking

(For walkers -1300 steps counts as 1 kilometer.  For all other types of physical activity 30 min counts as 2 kilometers)

At the end of each month you will give your team captain your total kilometers of walking or amount of time spent in physical activity for that month and they will submit to the Walk Coordinator.

To register your team/ individual or to be placed on a team
Email: or call Alice at 306-522-1247

Sign-up, tracking sheets and more info can be found at


The Tetra Society of North America


Retired…?  (Want opportunities to help others!)

Student…?      Just starting out…?  (Build potential job experience!)

Anyone in between…?  (Would like to enhance old skills or learn new ones!)

The Tetra Society of North America provides the connection between people with disabilities and various technical people to create assistive devices at cost for materials.  These gizmos are not on the market or the existing assistive device may need to be customized which would enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities or seniors.

The Regina chapter is looking for volunteer technical people AND/OR people with disabilities or seniors who require a gizmo!  You never know unless you try. Talk to the Tetra Team today!

Contact: Terri Sleeva at 306-545-7378 or e-mail:

For more information:   or call 1-877-688-8762

City of Regina Pumpkin Smash!

November 2, 12 – 3 p.m. (come and go)
Located on Fleet Street across from the Yard Waste Depot – watch for signs!

Admission is FREE!
Games – Food – Drinks

Any pumpkin is okay as long as it hasn’t been painted. Any decorations attached to one will need to be removed.

Aside from giving kids the thrill and onlookers something fun to watch, we will collect all the smashed pumpkins to the Yard Waste Depot to be composted.

It’s going to be a smashing time!