Regina Spring 2020 Street Sweeping Begins Apr 19

treet sweeping roads aligns with essential services and City maintenance standards. Like spring cleaning your house after a long winter, clearing away the winter salt, sand and debris can freshen things up in our community.

Starting Sunday, April 19 crews will begin sweeping medians, downtown streets and main arterial roads such as Albert Street and Lewvan Drive. While No Parking signs will be placed to advise when your street is being swept during phase one of the program, the City will not enforce ticketing or towing.

Therefore, we need resident’s cooperation to ensure this is a successful sweep. We ask residents to know when their streets are going to be swept and park off-street on those days. Also, offer to share driveways with your neighbours when possible.

The residential or subdivision sweep will start in May. Watch for future notification.

The annual street sweep cleans sand and gravel used for ice control throughout the winter, enhances traction control and safety of the roads, as well as beautifies the streetscape by picking up garbage and other debris. The program also improves drainage during rainfalls by reducing the amount of debris that can block storm sewer drains and collect in the sewer system. Street sweeping helps extend the life of our underground assets.

Street sweepers create dusty conditions that reduce visibility. Close your windows and walk on alternative sidewalks. If you see dust and sweeping equipment, give them lots of room, slow down and be safe. Crews are scheduled to work in four shifts, seven days per week.

Find the street sweeping schedule at or call 306-777-7000 for more information.