Regina Northwest Sports Association – Fall 2019 Programs

ONLINE REGISTRATION for both programs in September at

Learn to Play Hockey

• You must be able to skate to participate, this is not a learn to skate program.
• Fee $275.00
• 16 sessions (Jersey and socks included)
• Program runs:  1:15-2:25, 2:15-3:15, 3:15-4:15
*If there are not enough players the later times will be cancelled.
• Full hockey equipment required
• Coaches are required

For further information you may contact: Susan Smith or the West Zone Board: / 306-791-0226.

Power Skating

Classes start late October.
• Level 1 – Tuesday 6:00-6:40 (Initiation) Ages 5-6 ($295)
• Level 1 1/2 – Tuesday 6:40-7:20 (Novice) Ages 7-8 ($295)
• Level 2 – Tuesday 7:20-8:15 (Atom) Ages 9-10 ($315)
• Level 1 1/2 – Thursday 6:00-6:40 (Novice) Ages 7-8 ($295)
• Level 2 – Thursday 6:40-7:40 (Atom) Ages 9-10 ($315)
• Level 3 – Thursday 7:45-8:45 (Pee Wee) Ages 11-12 ($315)
(Due to ice availability the times and cost might change.)

Full hockey equipment required.
Power skating was designed to improve and master skating techniques for both hockey and ringette players. It is not a miracle program, like they say what you put in, is what you get out, we cannot expect to take one power skating lesson and then become a superstar, it takes time, practice and dedication to become an excellent skater. Power skating is not only for straight line acceleration, but for all skating skill areas, backward skating, tight glide turns, forward and backward crossovers, are just a few areas we focus on. So the end result of power skating lessons with us means a complete skater in ALL areas.
For further information visit or contact the West Zone Board office, / 306-791-0226.