Local advertisers have had excellent results in spending their advertising dollars in our community newsletter.

Distribution of Print Editions:
Almost 3,000 copies delivered door to door by volunteers in Normanview West, Westhill, Fairways West and Edgewater

PVCA Fall 2017 Newsletter Advertising Rates

The PVCA annually publishes its Fall 2017 Newsletter to promote programs and events both within Prairie View and around the entire city of Regina.   The Fall edition sees our widest circulation of all 3 editions, over 3000 copies distributed.  These rates will both purchase the corresponding ad space in the newsletter and a slot on the website’s Advertising section until the Winter ad period begins in late December.  The web ad can be linked to any URL or email address that you wish, and can be updated as needed by simply contacting us via email.

1/8 Page (Business Card size) – $20
1/4 Page – $40
1/2 Page – $80
1 Page – $160

If you’re interested in purchasing ad space for Fall 2017, please contact us at

*Payment includes a space on our Advertising section of this site that is good until the release of the next print edition of the newsletter.

Bonus:  10% discount if you advertise in three consecutive newsletters (this special Spring rate WILL apply in this promotion!)

Deadlines for Submissions:

January issue – November 30th
April Issue (internet only) –  EXTENDED TO MARCH 30TH!
September issue – July 31st

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